Real Time Tracking

Customers can track any vehicle in ASIA with GPS/GSM Tracker (Made In Europe). Track location, geo fence, cross border, over speed, engine idling, out of route, SOS alert, vehicle maintenance etc. 

Complete Service

We provide complete GPS security solutions for office, homes & vehicles with up to date equipment’s, installation, setup, training, technical support & back up nationwide,


Mobiletrack is an established company registered and appointed by SPAD, MPOB, devices approved by SIRIM, registered with Dagang Net and appointed partners from Europe.

Brand new app to blow your mind

We’ve made an app that combines all accesories!

We are here to provide the latest GPS Tracking app!

Fuel Sensor Monitoring

Fuel costs can amount up to one-third of all fleet operating costs. Having an accurate fuel monitoring and control system is one of the main ways to cut operating costs and increase efficiency.

  • Fuel level and consumption information
  • Fuel tank control
  • Fuel theft protection
  • Reports, analytics and notifications
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Real Time Tracking

Track instantly anytime anywhere with our latest web and android/IoS trackng apps.


Immobilizer / Engine Shut Down

Remotely shut down your vehicles within seconds to secure your valuable goods.


User Research

We are on constant researching and developing latest and much needed systems for users.


User Interface

Friendly and easy to understand user interface that gets your started immediately!


Over Speed Alert

A loud buzzer will trigger a sound inside the vehicle to stop drivers from speeding and getting a speed summon and avoiding accidents at high speed.


Vehicle Maintenance Report

Keep historical report of all changes to your vehicle from engine change, tyre change, battery replacement and all other notes that needs to be tracked. Receive alert when the mileage is reaching for new service to maintain vehicle health automatically.

Tutorial for beginner

Watch how GPS vehicle tracking saves you money!

We are here to improve and secure your vehicles!

Our application are custom designed and provide ease of use and efficient tracking and reporting system that saves you thousands or ringgit! Why wait call us now to find our what are the benefits! 

24/7 Support system

A Handy support
System for the Software

We are here to listen from you deliver exellence

We provide 24 hour software support and on site support. We can schedule installation according to your convenience and all installation can be done at site!

Real basic

  • Yearly Payment
  • Continuous Warranty
  • Basic Access - Real Time Tracking - Email Alerts - SMS alerts - History Reports - Unlimited Geo Fence - TnC applies.
  • Customer Service
RM50 Per
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Real Standard

  • Yearly Payment
  • Continuous Warranty
  • Basic Access  - Multple Login - Automated Reports - Vehicle Maintenance Report - Messaging to Driver App  - TnC applies.
  • Customer Service
RM60 Per
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Real Ultimate

  • Yearly Payment
  • Continuous Warranty
  • Unlimited Access - Fuel Level - Panic alert - Temperature Sensor - Immobilizer - Advanced Tracker - TnC applies.
  • Customer Service
RM70 Per
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A reliable and excellent service orientated company. 

Mr Punch Pest Control

I have been with them for 10 years, I will recommend them anytime.

Mr Muthu Transport Owner

They have the latest technology! The can secure most things.

Mr Harry MS Security

They have the latest technology! The can secure most things.

Mr Harry MS Security

  • Fleet Management

Web login for easy access to all office staffs

Staffs can easily log in to web or mobile application anytime anywhere to view live vehicles and obtain instant report.

  • Monitor and Track your vehicles

Be able to pull history report and driver behaviour

Track and secure all your vehicle movements and improve driver behaviour with our GPS vehicle tracking app